Related Projects
AppHub is a non-profit marketplace aimed at facilitating the dissemination of open source software.
This platform helps the market to seamlessly identify, position and implement the software outcomes of your projects.
The partners that run and promote AppHub combine unparalleled expertise in open source community management, EU research projects and a breakthrough technology in software asset management. More information.
The OCCIware project aims at proposing a formal framework, model-driven and associated with tools for managing every kind of computing resources as services. This framework covers all steps from modelization, design, development, simulation, deployment, execution and administration of cloud computing resources.
More information.

CloudScale provides an engineering approach for building scalable cloud applications and services. The goal of the project is to aid service providers in analysing, predicting and resolving scalability issues, i.e., support scalable service engineering. The project extends existing and develops new solutions that support the handling of scalability problems of software-based services. More information.

HOLA Cloud targets to establish effective mechanisms for efficient collaboration among the members of the Software, Services and Cloud computing community. The project initiates an advanced Conference series producing and revising an annual Technology Roadmap and providing an efficient venue for the members of the community to meet and exchange results and ideas for the future.
To lower the barriers for industrial take-up, in particular with SMEs, HOLA Cloud will organise a Hackademy for companies to develop Cloud based solutions together with the best European experts in the field. These events and roadmap are overarched by an advanced on-line platform and knowledge repository ensuring the persistent access to information for all stakeholders. More information.

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